2021 Grant Application

Dear Prospective Grant Applicant:

The initial step in Impact100’s 2021 application process is the submittal of the Letter of Intent Form.  It is required that a copy of both the applicant’s 501c3 and DACS Form 10100 be attached to the organization’s letter of intent (LOI) to file a grant application.  Upon receipt of the LOI and documents, a link to the 2021 Grant Application will be sent to the qualifying organizations.

Welcome to the 2021 Impact100 Grant Application.


This year, all Grant Applications will be electronic, including the nonprofit’s financial records and supporting documents.

  1. Refer to our Grant Proposal Guidelines for assistance, especially in the areas of transformational, high impact and sustainability.

  2.  Electronic Submissions: Using the online form in the link provided to you, complete the application and electronically submit it on or before June 15, 2021. Electronic submissions must be received by midnight June 15, 2021.

Important – All financial attachments/documents should be uploaded as a PDF with the Form EXCEPT those embedded in the table format of the Form. PDF file name must include the organization name and file description.

  1. Nonprofits are required to submit electronic copies of the organization’s financials and supporting documents in a PDF File with the organization’s name in it.

  2.  Refer to Section V- Required Financial & Supporting Document Folder.

The Form will allow the applicant to start the application, save the work and continue at a later time.

Hint: The narrative is a limited to 100 words . One recommended technique is to first type the answer in a Microsoft Word document, edit to the word limits, then cut and paste the text of the answer into the application. Alternatively, the form will keep track of the word count as each section is filled out.

For help and/or questions using the application Form, contact grants@impactnwf.org.

  1.  Grants will be awarded in amounts of at least $100,000. The exact amount of this year’s grant(s) will be announced in early June following the end of our membership drive. Note that all projects must show the need for and proposed use of the entire grant  amount.

  2.  By submission of the grant application, the applicant agrees to allow IMPACT 100 to publish the name(s) and image(s), including but not limited to photos taken of the organization and its staff at site visits and events, in our marketing materials.

 The Grants Committee is looking forward to the upcoming year and the exciting new projects that will be proposed.

Thank you for the continued work you do on behalf of the residents of Okaloosa and Walton Counties!

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