Construction Project Information

We made an informative video several years ago on grant applications for construction projects.  Please take a few minutes to watch it here.

Information for Construction and/or Remodeling Projects:

 Please be aware that a construction or remodeling project will require more advance planning and preparation for your grant application.  Here is a list of tips—not an exhaustive list but common issues:

1.     Be certain to get bid(s) as soon as possible. 1 bid is required but 2 bids are recommended.

2.     Be certain that the contractor(s) understand that the project will not begin sooner than January 1, 2024 as funds will not be released until then.   Ask them to honor the bid until after that date and get it in writing.  Be certain the bid is dated. 

3.     Be certain your bid includes everything—not an exhaustive list but consider:

    a.     Permit fees

    b.     Demolition and/or site prep

    c.     Construction costs for the structure--every physical piece of the project and the labor to place it:  including excavation, foundation/flatwork, frame, roof, flashing, gutters, windows, shades, doors, siding, exterior trim, decks, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, millwork, paint, flooring, cabinets, closets, counters, specialty components (such as bathroom hardware, mirrors, handrails) & appliances

    d.     General site conditions—porta potty, site security, specialty tools, staging, shipping, etc.

    e.     Debris removal

    f.      Hardscape—patios, sidewalks, driveways, etc.

    g.     Landscape—sod, bushes, trees, etc.

    h.     Final Cleaning

    i.      Construction Management—traditionally a General Contractor fee

4.     If you will be paying for additional construction or remodeling costs over and above the bid you received from the contractor(s), please let us know that in both the project budget as well as the application narrative. 

Supporting Documents for Construction/Remodeling Projects to Accompany the Application:

1.     Builder/Contractor license to do business at site location

2.     Builder/Contractor certificate of insurance

3.     Permits

4.     Site Plan

5.     Bid (1 is required, 2 is recommended)

6.     Cost Estimates

7.     Drawings

8.     Contracts

9.     Leases (If property is not owned by Organization.  Lease must be for at least 5 years and in writing.)

10.  Letter of Commitment—These may be from the Contractor noting their reduced cost in the bid, another donor who will be sponsoring a portion of the project (i.e.: covering all costs of hardscape, etc..) or letters from others who are financially supporting or assisting with the project.

11.  Other Supporting Construction Documents as needed for the project