The IMPACT 100 Grant allows Chautauqua Healthcare Services (formally known as the COPE Center) to continue its mission in meeting the needs of one of our most vulnerable populations, pregnant/postpartum women with a substance use disorder and their children. Chautauqua Healthcare Services built a fifteen (15) bed residential treatment center for pregnant and postpartum women with substance use disorders. The center built on land owned by  Chautauqua Healthcare Services. Funding obtained by the center from the Florida Department of Children and Families for annual operating costs will ensure the sustainability of the residential treatment center.

Treatment experts agree that substance use treatment for women needs to be approached from the perspective that includes the context of women’s lives. These include her relationships with her children, family, extended family, and support systems, social and economic environment, and the impact of gender and culture. The program is sensitive to the women’s cultural beliefs and values, language, level of literacy and emotional ability to respond. By using an individualized approach to care for each woman, the center will be able to reduce the challenges and obstacles women face when accessing substance use treatment. Their residential program will reduce the challenges and obstacles by allowing preschool aged children to reside with their mother in the residential center. The program will also allow visitation of older children and include older children in the mother’s Recovery Plan.

With the addition of a residential treatment center, Chautauqua Healthcare Services will be able to provide a full continuum of care for pregnant/postpartum women and their children. The residential treatment center will not only have a positive impact on the women and their children, but also on the communities in which they live.