Grant Process Timeline

Step 1 Grant Workshop
A Grant Workshop will be held in early spring. Attendance is highly recommended and registration is required. The date and location of the workshop will be posted to Impact100 website and FaceBook site. Space is limited. Maximum 2 people per nonprofit organization may register to attend the Grant Workshop.

Step 2 Grant Application
A letter of intent must be submitted prior to receiving a grant application. The letter of intent is due in early spring. Applicants must then complete the grant application, and deliver it with required attachments as specified and within the deadline. Applications will not be accepted by fax. Applications delivered after the deadline will not be considered.

Step 3 Review of Applications
The Impact100 grant review committees will review the grant applications and schedule site visits to all applying organizations. When site visits are complete the committees will select finalists.

Step 4 Announcement of Finalists
Grant finalists will be announced at a Grant Finalists Reveal Event in October.

Step 5 Finalist Presentation
Summaries of the finalist applications will be provided to voting members of Impact100. Representatives from each finalist application will be invited to make a presentation at the Impact100 annual meeting, to be held in late October or early November.

Step 6 Selection of Grantee 
Impact100 will vote by individual ballot at the annual meeting and the winning project(s) will be selected by majority vote.

Step 7 Reports and Evaluation
Grantees must submit periodic reports on implementation and progress of the projects to Impact100, as requested. When the project is complete, or funds are fully expended, the grantee must submit a final report.