The Impact 100 Aquatic Center is a unique facility in the Panhandle and includes a 1400 square foot salt-water pool with walk in/wheelchair capability, and a lift. The pool is heated with an environmentally sensitive aqua dome for the winter months. A 600 square foot dressing/showering facility accommodates both same-sex and opposite-sex caregivers. The Impact 100 NWF Aquatic Center supports the Arc’s mission to create a path from disability to capability by providing exceptional services so people of all ages can work, learn, achieve personal goals and live meaningful lives.

An aquatic center not only serves recreational needs but also provides the added preventative and rehabilitative health benefits that improve lives. Life for people with disabilities is difficult. Opportunities for social interaction are limited for people who are dependent on others for some of the most basic functions in life, and this facility provides an exciting and fun forum in which to make new friends. Lack of exercise leads to depression, isolation, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and increased pain, resulting in a loss of independence. Because the water provides a place where physical inequities are minimized, the odds of engagement and continued participation are greater than in other recreational activities. Studies have shown that aquatic activities improve flexibility, strength, balance, and create muscle tone. Once physical inequities are mitigated, the sense of freedom and belonging contribute to the overall well being and quality of life for those people with disabilities. The center is available for all area residents and visitors with disabilities.