We are excited that you will join us for another year of helping great causes in our community, networking with other philanthropic women, and participating in exciting and fun community events. You may pay by credit card using PayPal, by a bank transfer/E-check (new this year) or by check.

  1. Step One – choose your method of payment (there are no processing fees for bank transfer/E-check)
  2. Step Two – choose your membership level and pay your donation to renew your membership
  3. Step Three – choose to participate on a Grant Review Committee, a Standing Committee, or Other Ways to Serve.

Please consider each of the donation levels and choose the one where you feel you will be able to do the most good.


Here’s what our MEMBERS have to say about IMPACT 100 of Northwest Florida:

I give to many organizations and I’m not always sure if my contribution truly¬†helps meet a need. With IMPACT 100, the combined contributions of our members provide a sizeable grant that clearly says we see the need and we want to help in a big way. Grantees provide updates, so you know what effect the grant has in the community.

I have met the most amazing, talented, willing, and generous ladies who care about our Okaloosa and Walton county communities. I’m grateful to be a part of such an organization that believes in helping folks right here in our own backyard.

When we invest in our communities, we see needs as opportunities.

IMPACT 100 gives back to our communities after due diligence with a focus to make significant improvements for the region.

IMPACT 100 is making a huge difference in our community. Never underestimate the power of women working together to do good things! Never.

We started IMPACT 100 with a few dedicated women from diverse backgrounds looking to pool their resources together to make a transformational impact across our community – this is the underlying principle and it holds true today.

IMPACT is all about the power of ONE: ONE woman, ONE thousand dollars, ONE vote — impacting so many.

IMPACT 100 is dear to my heart. I want to spread the word about the values and ideals of this great organization. Through IMPACT, we can educate our community as well as improve it.

The process of choosing the best charity is so fair and honest that I’m positive the grant will have a real impact on our community.