IMPACT 100 NWF NextGen Program

The IMPACT 100 NWF NextGen Program seeks to give the next generation of women – particularly those who may not have the financial resources – an opportunity to become IMPACT 100 NWF members and engage with the community while learning the lessons of philanthropy. The program aims to empower these women to be ambassadors for a generation that is dedicated to giving and serving in Okaloosa and Walton counties.

NextGen members will:

  • Receive a scholarship of $500 to be used in the first year of membership to help pay the $1000 membership donation, followed by a scholarship of $250 to be used in the second year of membership
  • Enjoy full membership privileges during the two-year scholarship period including the opportunity to participate in the grant-making process and to cast a vote for the grant recipients
  • Be exposed to and learn about the work being done by the nonprofit organizations in Walton and Okaloosa counties
  • Have the chance to be mentored by a group of women committed to philanthropy and community service.

NextGen applicants should:

  • Not be a current member of IMPACT 100
  • Be women 21 through 39 years of age who are looking to further their philanthropic and community involvement
  • Live or work in Okaloosa or Walton County and have a commitment to making a positive impact within the community
  • Be available to attend IMPACT 100 NWF meetings and events and join a standing committee or participate as a grant review committee member
  • Be able to pay $500 in membership donations for the first year of membership, $750 in membership donations for the second year of membership and $1000 for the third year of membership
  • Commit to at least a three-year period of membership in IMPACT 100 NWF

IMPACT 100 NWF members can download the application here. Applications must be received by March 31st. Applications may be scanned and emailed to or mailed to P.O. Box 4266, Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32459.


Amanda Sause 2018-2019

I was introduced to IMPACT 100 by my neighbors and friends. Their passion for the organization made me curious and after attending a membership meeting, I understood their belief in this organization. IMPACT women empower all the organizations they come in contact with and cover a multitude of causes in our area. Serving and growing alongside these women is a great honor and privilege.

Melanie Teague 2018-2019

Thoughtful giving has always been important to me and this NextGen program was a great opportunity to establish a presence within the IMPACT 100 organization during this season of my life. I am excited to be a part of a broader initiative to support our local community and nonprofits in a new way.

Jessy Bautista 2018-2019

To me IMPACT 100 means getting the opportunity to be a small part of helping my hometown grow to provide opportunities for the people who have decided to call this place home. It is a way to enrich their lives and be a blessing to others so they can in turn bless someone else.

Carly Harmer 2018-2019

I am thrilled to be a NextGen Member in IMPACT 100 and I look forward to being a part of the organization for years to come! I just became a Sustainer in the Junior League of the Emerald Coast and was looking for another way to get involved in our community. I have watched IMPACT 100 grow and have seen the process from the standpoint of a nonprofit and I couldn’t wait to get involved.

Katie Fuentes 2018-2019

I am currently the President of Junior League of the Emerald Coast and we have multiple sustaining members of our League who are also members of IMPACT 100. After listening to their experiences I knew IMPACT 100 would be an invaluable organization to become a member of. Since joining the League I have taken an interest in finding ways to meet like-minded women who are servant leaders in our community, working together to make a meaningful difference.

Rosalyn Iovieno 2018-2019

I have become very ingrained in the local nonprofit community over the past nine years and see the struggle facing nonprofits every day. The need always far exceeds the resources, and seeing firsthand how IMPACT 100 has made a difference for agencies like Shelter House is awe-inspiring. Empowering women to come together as volunteers and donors, contributing to local missions and raising the tide together to lift up local agencies has helped uncountable people in Okaloosa and Walton Counties. Being a part of the incredible group of women that helps make this all happen through the NextGen program is truly an honor.

Shirley Ainsley McAfee 2018-2019

I joined IMPACT 100 for two words: IMPACT and INSPIRATION. I wanted to join a group of women that inspire one another to be better.  Also, I want the chance to impact an organization by giving them the chance to be better… inspire others.

Ali Weil 2018-2019

I am excited to be a part of IMPACT 100 and the NextGen program. I am looking forward to getting to know the amazing women in this organization who are passionate about giving back, as well as making a big impact in our area through our collective efforts.

Terra Throgmorton 2018-2019

I joined to not only form great friendships with intelligent passionate women, but to have a hand in impacting positive changes to our local community within many different areas. IMPACT 100 is unique because it not only empowers women, but it empowers the whole community it supports.

Teresa Imdieke 2017-2018

I am excited and honored to be a part of such an inspiring group of women who truly have an impact in our community. As a NextGen member I will be able to leverage my talents of fresh ideas and modern perspective within the organization. In turn, through mentorship and the opportunity to participate in committees and events, I hope to learn the lessons of service and philanthropy from experienced women.