One Hopeful Place

One Hopeful Place (OHP) is currently a 10-bed facility housing ten male individuals and veterans desiring to make a change in their lives.

People cannot receive the proper help they need to address underlying issues if they are struggling to meet their basic needs of human survival: food and shelter. Their purpose is to provide people with the basics of food and shelter which in turn will provide security so that they may find lifeline sustainability.

The current project for OHP is to build a long-term emergency shelter and rehousing program. The funds will be utilized to complete construction on the Phase II building at One Hopeful Place. This particular building will be able to house upwards of 75 individuals currently experiencing homelessness in Okaloosa County.

Upon completion, they will have relocated the current men’s program into the Phase II building and the Phase I building will become the first ever single women’s shelter in Okaloosa County as there is nowhere for women to go who are currently experiencing homelessness.  Once this building is complete, they will have enough shelter space to provide housing for 100% of individuals currently living on the streets in Okaloosa County.