The Matrix Community Outreach Center, Inc. purchase the building that housed their Redemption Center, thrift store, and office. In this building, they provide utilities that are used by their clients: Washing machine, dryer, shower, etc. Through donations, grants, and the work of their volunteers, the Matrix Center assists Okaloosa and Walton county community by offering food, utilities, finances, and education. The center serves as a base for multiple churches that prepare food and hold donation collections for suffering households. By owning this building, they can add onto it—more room will mean that they can assist more people. The money that they save in no longer paying rent, now funds several projects and provides services to the community. Overall, they spend donated money on the community instead of on rent.

As it is the purpose of this organization, The Matrix Community Outreach Center, Inc. to guide the suffering communities of Walton and Okaloosa counties toward a stronger and successful future. With the Impact 100 NWF grant they achieved this goal more thoroughly and completely. With this grant and with the security of ownership, the center is better able to assist our community to make a prosperous and bright future for Walton and Okaloosa counties.

There are so many in our communities who are suffering under lamentable circumstances — most far beyond their control as a result of domestic violence, illness, age, etc.  A staggering 28,000 homeless persons in Florida are active duty or retired military. The Matrix Center believes that we can do better as a community and, therefore, strives to do so in Walton and Okaloosa counties not only to better the future of our children but also create and sustain assistance to our veterans and active duty military. The Matrix Center offers help with an approach that can afford these people with the ability to support themselves in the future. At the Matrix Center, they offer a hand up rather than a hand out. The Impact 100 grant allowing the center to purchase their facility, in return, helped them to provide more for the community.

Within the last year and a half, the Sheriff’s Office of Walton County, along with local news outlets, have presented stories of many drug-related criminal cases. Many arrests have been made, and while our officers in uniform are working diligently to get the substances off the streets, the Matrix Center believes that members of our community that have succumbed to drug use can recover. The Matrix Center offer as much assistance as they have available to these families and individuals on a financial, physical, and emotional basis.