About Membership


Impact100 Northwest Florida, Inc. is a group of women that seeks to transform the lives of people in Okaloosa and Walton Counties by funding transformational, high-impact projects through grants to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in those counties. The exact amount of funds available for award in any given year depends upon the number of women who join the organization.  The membership window is open annually from January 1 to April 30.

Annual membership in Impact100 NWF is $1000 - one woman + $1000 = one vote. 100 women donating $1000 each make it possible to award $100,000 to a worthy project of a local nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Thus the name Impact100. Members may be as active as they choose: serving on focus area committees or one of our standing committees,  helping to promote the organization or just coming to vote at the annual meeting. 

Evergreen Membership: Just as there are evergreens in the plant kingdom, there are Impact100 NWF members who remain interested and involved year after year. Evergreen members allow us to plan by knowing the number of recurring members we can count on each year. We recognize the members who pledge that they will help Impact100 NWF stay vibrant and green by renewing their membership year after year. Evergreen members are designated in the member directory and have a special Evergreen Member name tag. To become an Evergreen Member, you only need to make this pledge once. If your circumstances changes in the future, simply let us know. Members who are interested in being an Evergreen member, can email evergreen@impactnwf.org and request more information about this program.  

NextGen Membership: The Impact100 NWF NextGen Program seeks to give the next generation of women, particularly those who may not have the financial resources, an opportunity to become Impact100 NWF members and engage with the community while learning the lessons of philanthropy. The program aims to empower these women to be ambassadors for a generation that is dedicated to giving and serving in Okaloosa and Walton counties.  To learn more about this program, visit our  NextGen page.


We want all women in Okaloosa and Walton Counties to know all about Impact100 NWF. To introduce the organization to those who are not yet members and to provide an opportunity for existing members to renew their memberships, we host a series of events beginning in January and running through May.

We reached a membership base of over 400  members in 2023. Join with us to increase that number!  Come to a membership event and learn how you can become an integral part of your community, network with an amazing group of women, and make an impact in the lives of many. By pooling resources together we can create high IMPACT grants that change the lives of many in your community.


Did you know that many companies sponsor matching gift programs that will match charitable contributions made by their employees? Some even match gifts by spouses. These programs are a great way for companies to give back to the community. Check with your Human Resources Department to see if your company has a matching gift program.