Impacting Our Community

Our mission at Impact100 of Northwest Florida, Inc. is to financially support nonprofit organizations in Okaloosa and Walton Counties by empowering women as philanthropists and leaders, by bridging the geographic areas of our region, and by leveraging the talents of diverse women to be a positive force for good in our communities. The women of Impact100 NWF are changing lives by joining together to improve our community through high-impact grants

Since the creation of Impact100 Northwest Florida in 2012,
we have donated $4.5 million!

The idea is simple: 100 women donate $1,000 each to form a $100,000 high-IMPACT grant that allows a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Okaloosa and Walton counties to accomplish extraordinary things. Membership is open to all women over 18 (women who live outside of Okaloosa and Walton Counties may join). Most importantly, 100% of each members contribution is awarded to nonprofit organizations, with none of that contribution going to administrative costs.  Membership is not limited to 100 women.  The more members we have, more money we have, the more grants we can give.  

Established 501(c)(3) nonprofits, except those organizations whose primary purpose and use of grant funds is for religious or political activities, in Okaloosa and Walton counties are eligible for grants. Grant applications are accepted for projects in five focus areas:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Environment, Recreation & Preservation
  • Family
  • Health and Wellness

The members of Impact100 NWF come together to determine which nonprofit projects receive funding through the Impact100 grant process.  

Impact100 NWF believes that collaborative and informed financial giving will make a difference in the lives of others and will enhance the wellbeing of our region. Impact100 NWF will support nonprofit organizations in our communities, advance responsible giving, and serve as an example of effective philanthropy. Imagine the possibilities of what can be accomplished for our community when we come together determined to make a difference.

 Join us and make an IMPACT in your community!