Board of Directors - Nominations Open!

Have you been considering getting a little more involved and increasing your impact with Impact100 NWF for the good of our community?  If so, we have several positions to fill for 2024.  You’ll find them listed below with a brief description of the positions.  The nominations committee would be happy to discuss them with you if you’re curious.  Some are Board of Directors positions while others are Co-Chair positions which are a great way to explore potential BOD service. 
Curious? There are also two Zoom Information/interest sessions being held with current BOD members.  We invite you to join us for one or both of them to ask questions, to discuss the time commitment, and to meet a few of our awesome BOD members.  The first will be held on Wednesday, September 13 @ 2:00pm.  Sandy Sims 850-376-8440 & Mary Tinsley 850-585-9179 are your points of contact to receive the invite for that zoom call.  The second will be held on Thursday, October 5 @ 6:00pm.  Joni Wallace 850-830-0064 & Mary Tinsley 850-585-9179 are your points of contact to receive that zoom invite. 
The Board of Directors positions will require you to fill out the nomination form as per our bylaws which you can find below.  If you’re interested in a co-chair position, this form is not required but we’d love to know a little more about you and why you’re interested in serving.  Please reach out so we can talk about the time commitment, the responsibilities and also the fun of being involved with this great team. 
“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller
Joni Wallace, Vice President
Sandy Sims, 2023 BOD Founding Member
If you’d like to nominate someone (with their permission) or yourself, please use the link below to fill out the Nomination Form.  Nominations will be accepted until Monday, October 9, 2023
Link to 2023 Nomination Form
BOD Positions for 2024
Assistant Treasurer--Chairs the Finance Committee to review the financial position of organizations applying for Impact100 NWF grants.  Collects membership revenue, NextGen and Member+ donations, Business Partners revenue, and any other miscellaneous revenues, reconciles QuickBooks membership revenue with the Member Management System to ensure agreement.  Assists in maintaining the Member list in MMS in coordination with the Membership Committee.  
Membership Chair—Serves as Chair of the Membership Engagement, Event Coordination and Community Engagement committees leading them to ensure that the membership goals of Impact100 NWF are met through the activities of the membership committee as a whole. 
Membership Engagement Chair—Supports and engages current, future and past members on an on-going basis and annually to foster member retention.  The committee is responsible for providing accessibility so that women can join or renew memberships, verifies MMS (member management system) data entry and member tracking, following up with event attendees and new or renewing members. 
Grant Review Chair—Coordinates and assists the Focus Area Chairs and their committees in the review of the grant applicants in each of the five categories. 
Marketing & Communications Chair—Oversees and coordinates all marketing and communications functions.  Works with BOD committees to determine marketing and communication needs for the year for all of the activities of Impact100 NWF. 
Technology Chair/Co-Chair—(One or both positions will be open) Chairs/Co-Chairs a committee that, provides technical support to the BOD and members, updates website and MMS platform (i.e., event registrations, surveys, billing, etc.), provides technical support for events when needed (i.e., Annual Meeting), oversees the use of social media accounts, assists in technology support for the Grant Committee and Membership Committee. 
Large Events Chair –Chairs and plans our three big events:  Member Reveal, Finalist Reveal & Annual Meeting working with other committees (Membership Committee, Grants Committee, Communications & Marketing Committee, and Technology Committee) and BOD members to ensure the success of these events.  

Other Positions for 2024 (Non-BOD)

Events Coordination Co-Chair—Assist Events Chair with recruiting events, membership events as well as the assisting the Large Events Chair with the Member Reveal, Finalist Reveal and Annual Meeting.  The Events Committee plans and executes the Membership Recruiting Events, Membership Socials and assists with the Member Reveal Event, Finalist Reveal and Annual Meeting. 

Membership Engagement Co-Chair—Assists the Membership Engagement Chair with her above listed duties to engage the members of Impact100 NWF. 
Community Engagement Co-Chair-Assists the Community Engagement Chair with making connections in the community and developing relationships to build community support for the Impact100 NWF mission, collaborating with other committees to identify what the needs are and to then ask for donated goods, services or funds.  Assists in serving as a liaison between the Events Coordination Committee (recruitment/social events), Finance (raising funds or in-kind donations, etc.) or other committees, depending on the services or goods that are offered. 

Grant Committee Co-Chair—Assist the Grant Chair in all activities of the Grant Committee to include nonprofit engagement, grant eligibility and guidelines, maintaining and updating the letter of intent and application as needed, grant application steps and processes, grant review and Finalist preparation for Annual Meeting.  This is a teaching position for the 2025 Grant Committee Chair. 
Grant Process Co-Chair—Assist the Grant Process Chair in preparing for and leading Grant Workshops, enhancing nonprofit engagement and enhancing the nonprofit experience throughout the grant process, and updating the nonprofit mailing/email lists. 

Marketing & Communications Co-Chair—Assists the Marketing & Communications Chair with her above listed duties to market and communicate the activities of Impact100 NWF.