Standing Committees

Standing committees meet throughout the year. Members volunteer their talents and time to handle all of the duties and responsibilities needed by Impact100 of Northwest Florida, Inc. There is no paid staff. If you would like to serve on one of the following standing committees, please click on the Sign-Up link to let the respective Committee Chair know you are interested in joining their team and they will contact you directly with more information. You may also sign up for a Committee by going to the Member profile page and check the box of the Committee you are interested in joining. 

Membership and Events
The Membership and Events Committee is made up of three focus areas: Community Engagement, Event Coordination, and Membership Engagement. These three areas each have a different focus that work closely together to provide membership recruiting events that draw in new members and encourage member involvement.

  • Community Engagement (Carol Merkle, Chair and Cathy Campbell, Co-Chair) 
    The Community Engagement Sub-Committee focuses on attracting in Corporate Sponsors, Small Businesses, and Friends and developing strong relationships with them to build community support for the Impact100 NWF mission.

  • Event Coordination (Barbara Britt, Co-Chair and Teresa Allen, Co-Chair)
    The Event Coordination Sub-Committee focuses on the planning and hospitality for events, including the Annual Meeting, working closely with Community Engagement for locations, food, and/or give-away items and Membership Engagement to coordinate volunteers to help with event food if not provided by sponsors, set-up, greeters, sign-in, sign-up, and clean-up for in-person events.

  • Membership Engagement (Vickie Ritchson, Chair) 
    The Membership Engagement Sub-Committee is responsible for providing accessibility so that women can join or renew memberships, verify data entry and member tracking, follow-up with event attendees and new or renewing members, along with the Evergreen, NextGen, and Mentorship programs.
    • Ambassadors, (Vickie Ritchson, Chair) 
      Ambassadors are primarily past or present Board Members willing to mentor a small group of new members to foster friendships, answer questions, and encourage involvement. Other members that have been involved more than 3 years can sign up to be Ambassadors.
    • Service Committee, (Vickie Ritchson, Chair) 
      Members are willing to help out when the need arises. Members volunteer their talents and time as needed to handle duties and responsibilities needed by Impact100 NWF, because there are no paid staff members. Examples include: Making Phone Calls, Helping with Mailings, Providing Food for Events, Performing Data Entry

Marketing and Communications (Valerie Burrelle, Chair)
The Marketing and Communications Chair oversees and coordinates all marketing and communications functions. The Chairs and Co-Chairs of the External and Digital Communications, Grant Communications, Marketing, and Member Communications Sub-Committees serve on the Marketing and Communications Committee.

  • External and Digital Communications (Valerie Bogar, Chair) 
    The External and Digital Communications Sub-Committee is responsible for soliciting committee members from among the current membership, serving as the point of contact for media outlets, social media, and virtual meeting technology.

  • Grant Communications (Valerie Bogar, Chair) 
    The Grant Communications Sub-Committee serves as the liaison between the Marketing and Communications Committee and the Grant Committee.

  • Member Communications (Valerie Burrelle, Chair and Mathilda Ravine, Co-Chair) 
    The Member Communications Sub-Committee is responsible for directing and coordinating communication to members and prospects through newsletter, special announcements, social media, and email.

  • Marketing (Valerie Burrelle, Chair)  
    The Marketing Sub-Committee develops an integrated marketing and communications plan and budget, creates and shares talking points and messaging for the organization and events.

Grant Committee (Marty Broderick, Chair)
The Grant Committee Chair oversees the Grant Process Committee, the Grant Review Committees and Area Review Committees, and Grant Liaisons efforts to encourage local nonprofits to submit grant applications; guide the grant application and review process; and recommend to the Board of Directors projects that are sustainable, transformational, impactful, and adhere to Impact100 NWF grant guidelines for the membership vote.

  • Grant Process Committee (LeAnn Caravello, Chair)  
    The Grant Process Committee Chair is responsible for working with five Grant Process Coordinators to support the Grant Committee and Grant Review Chair with Training, Forms, Technology, Finance and Communications.
  • Grant Review Committee (Nancy Francis, Chair) Sign-up for a Area Review Committee below
    The Grant Review Committee Chair coordinates and assists the Area Review Chairs and their Committees in the review of their area grant applicants. There are five grant review committees. Members are responsible for review of grant applications and site visits with applicants. Each grant applicant organization is thoroughly reviewed by the committees. Each committee then makes recommendations of finalists to the Board of Directors. These committees meet mid-summer through September. Sign-up to participate on a 2021 Area Review Committee will be posted below in June. 
    You will receive an email reminding you to sign up for a grant review committee from mid-June through early July.
    • 2021 Area Review Committees are:

      Arts & Culture:  Cultivate, develop, and enhance the cultural, artistic and historic climate 

      Education: Further the educational process or improve access to education for children and/or adults  

      Environment, Recreation & Preservation: Restore, preserve, revitalize or enhance facilities, surroundings and/or recreational opportunities   

      Family: Strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families   

      Health & Wellness: Improve mental and/or physical well-being  

  • Grant Liaisons (Marty Broderick, Chair)
    The Grant Liaisons monitor Grant Recipient progress towards the completion of the project within budget and on time. Grant Liaisons are usually Board members or members of the Area Review Committee who are familiar with the recipient and project.

  • Finance Committee (Kathy Edge, Chair) 
    The Finance Committee provides financial oversight of the Grant Applicants selected by the Grant Committee as potential finalists for Impact100 NWF Grants.